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No matter how big or how small your residential move might be, it never hurts to have a little professional help in order to ease the process.

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O’Neill Transfer and Storage is here to help Portland residents who are in need of quality and trusted residential movers. There is no home too big or too small that we cannot pack up, disassemble, reassemble and set up. Allow us to show you what one of the top ten agents of National Van Lines can do for you.

Move to Your New House Quick

Money and time are everything when it comes to moving into your new home, and we will do all that we can to help you save as much of both as possible. Even if you will be remaining in the general area a lot of thought, preparation and time has to go into your move. Our home movers will be sure to:

  • Meet with You Well Before Your Move in Order to get an Idea of how You Would Like Things to Go.
  • Offer Tips and an Estimate for Your Move.
  • Address all of Your Concerns and Answer All of Your Questions.
  • Inventory Your Items.
  • Provide You with Moving Supplies if You Would Like to Handle Your Own Packing.

A Safe & Secure Move

For your peace of mind and for the security of your belongings, our residential movers offer valuation coverage. One thing to bear in mind with valuation coverage is that it is not insurance. We recommend you get in touch with your homeowner’s insurance agent in order to see what kind of moving coverage you have.

In any case, we will do absolutely everything we can in order to make sure your furniture and all of your other items reach your new home in perfect condition.

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Our experienced team of residential movers are standing by to take care of your next move, no matter how near or far that move might be. Contact O’Neill Transfer & Storage at 503-747-3630 if you have any questions or if you would like more information about our specialty moves.